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Other Services

While M&K Photography is renowned for our expertise in wedding photography, our creative journey extends far beyond the wedding aisle. We proudly offer a diverse range of services tailored to capture life's most precious moments. Whether it's commemorating the joy of a christening, immortalizing the love shared between couples and families, or crafting stunning studio portraits, our passion for storytelling remains unwavering. With every click of the shutter, we aim to encapsulate the essence of each unique bond and milestone, preserving memories to be treasured for generations. Trust M&K Photography to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, no matter the occasion.

Lifestyle Photography

2 hour Shoot with 10 High Res Images

At M&K Photography, we extend our lens beyond wedding celebrations to capture the essence of life's everyday magic through our lifestyle photography services. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Gloucestershire, we specialize in crafting captivating imagery that celebrates love, connection, and cherished moments. Whether it's a cozy couples shoot capturing the intimacy between partners, a heartwarming family session immortalizing the bonds that tie us together, or a playful pet photography session celebrating our furry companions, we thrive on capturing genuine emotions against the backdrop of nature's beauty. With M&K Photography, your outdoor lifestyle session becomes an enchanting adventure, where every frame tells a story of love, laughter, and the simple joys of life in Gloucestershire's stunning surroundings.

Studio Photography

From £200 per hour

While our primary focus at M&K Photography is capturing the magic of weddings, we also offer a range of studio photography services in the scenic Stroud area. Step into our studio and embark on a personalised photography experience tailored to your needs. Whether you're seeking professional headshots to elevate your online presence, adorable pet portraits to cherish forever, heartwarming family portraits to adorn your walls, or intimate couples portraits to celebrate your love, our studio provides the perfect setting to bring your vision to life. With our expertise in lighting, composition, and storytelling, we'll ensure every moment is captured with precision and artistry, resulting in timeless images you'll treasure for years to come. Trust M&K Photography to transform your studio session into a memorable and unforgettable experience, where every smile, glance, and connection is beautifully preserved.

Christening Photography

From £250

At M&K Photography, our commitment to capturing life's most precious moments extends beyond weddings to include our heartfelt christening service photography. Whether it's the serene ambiance of a traditional church ceremony or the joyous celebration of a christening gathering, we specialize in preserving the significance and emotion of this sacred occasion. With a keen eye for detail and a sensitivity to the importance of family bonds, we aim to document every tender moment, every loving gesture, and every expression of faith with grace and artistry. Trust M&K Photography to immortalize the beauty and significance of your child's christening, creating treasured memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

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